A short story from Minsk 

[Minsk, April 2014]

This project, shot during Easter of 2014, tells the story of the everyday life of a young Belorussian couple: Ksusha & Egor. They live in Minsk in a cramped flat shared with Ksusha’s mother, Olga, and sister, Jenia. Their life does not have many highs or lows, instead, it is a consistent routine marked by a difficult financial situation and their young love and commitment to each other, within the context of their country’s economical and political situation.

They were generous enough to share their lives with me, and I experienced their routines first hand; their working weekdays and their evenings at home. Some days, especially weekends, they go out to friends’ houses, but not to cafes, restaurants or bars because they cannot afford it. During the last days of my stay, Ksusha was admitted to hospital for treatment of a skin disease.

This is a silent story of the themes I am interested in: the lost person, and the lost place. It is an inside portrayal which enables me to express my own opinions through the people who allowed me into their lives. It is also a microcosm of the economical and political condition of the country, where the financial situation for common people is tight, but the country’s leader continues to enjoy wide support and respect from the population.This series is our shared diary from the short time we spent together in Belarus.


Cafetería carnicería "Las Américas"

[London, March 2014]

Wandering through the streets of Brixton, I came accross this cafe/butchery that made me travel in space back to Latin America. English is the second language here and the smell of coffee with arepas adds another clue that we are not in the United Kingdom anymore. As usual, salsa and merengue sound loud and there is always a lot going on.

This is my first short story shot in London. The final edit was made in class with the help of my classmates and our tutor, Jocelyn Bain Hogg (Agency VII).


Staged portraits

[London, February 2014]

For the assignment on staged portraits I decided to photograph a friend (and talented photographer) Amrita Chandradas. We made the most out of the sari and the street light coming through the window.

Also, I decided to portray fellow art students of the University of the Arts London with some of their work 


Human relationships

[London, January 2014]

For the assignment on human relationships I decided to kill two birds with one stone: I made friends with former LCC students and we went out drinking while I was taking pictures. Thank you all for such a fun night!


Street photography

[London, January 2014]

I was lucky enough to have an amazing light while shooting. After this assignment I started to love London even more.


People at work

[London, January 2014]

I started studying an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication. For the "People at work" assignment I found a marvelous wig shop (first three pictures) and an elderly man rebuilding his mother's tomb.